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5:30 am - 12:00 pm
Open in Evening
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
LIST OF SERVICES Services Amount ( RM )
1 Bananas Archanai 2.00
2 Coconut Archanai 3.00
3 Thiru Vilakku 2.00
4 Saneeswaran Ellusati 5.00
5 Motcha Deepam 8.00
6 Prasatham 25.00
7 Prayers for New Motor (Motorcycle) 15.00
8 Prayers for New Vehicle (Car) 31.00
9 Padikkatu Abishegam 101.00
10 Sahasranama Archanai 101.00
11 Sandhana / Viputhi Kappu 101.00
12 Rudhra Abishegam + Pooja (One Kumbam) 301.00
13 Smanama Abishegam + Homam and Pooja (10 Kumbams) 750.00
14 Navagraga Shanthi 750.00
15 Pournami Thiru Vilaku Pooja (Each Vilaku) 25.00
16 Sangabishegam + Pooja (108 Sangu) 1,001.00

Devotees are kindly requested to gel a receipt for RM 1.00 for saree offerings for Ambal at the ticket counter.

Please also note that this special pooja can he performed for your birthdays, wedding anniversary and other auspicious occasions. Please contact the office for details.

On Special Festival Days, normal poojas and prayers limes are subject to change.

Devotees are kindly requested to obtain receipt(s) for all payments made for our services and for your donations.

Thank You Management Committee
Guidelines for booking of Special Prayers

1. There are many forms of prayers available lot you to perform. The details can be obtained from the Temple Management.

2. The following details should be considered when making bookings for prayers. They are (i) Type of function, (ii) cost (iii) Date (iv) Time (v) Extra service and (vi) Duration of the function.

3. If there are any special requests or arrangements to be made for the prayers, please contact the Temple Management.

4. Make your payment to the Temple one day before the reserved prayer day. Payment can be made by cash or cheque. Cheques should be made in the name of Arulmigu Rajamariamman Devasthanam.

5. After the prayer, the Temple will honor your service in a simple ceremony.

6. Please pass any feedback to the Temple Management as this will help us to improve the Temple's services.


"Thatchanai" (reward) payments to Temple staff an- not included in the cost. This is a voluntary donation to appreciate staff who helped to perform the prayers. Details of staff involvement can be obtained from the Temple Management.

Special prayers

Special prayers can be performed for many reason, such as the betterment of the world, protection of family welfare, prosperity of business, recovery from illness, blessings for a child's progress and many more. Devotees can choose one or more of the following for his or her prayer. Devotees are recommended to tell the priest the purpose of this special prayer so that the priest will mention this in his chanting.

Homam and Abishegam

This is a ceremony of offering "Abishegam" to the Lord. This prayer also includes "Agni" (fire) worship. Devotees can choose which deity to offer this prayer and the time to perform this ceremony during the temple hours. Ruthra "Abishegam" This is a ceremony of "Abishegam" to the Lord. Devotees can choose which deity to offer this prayer to. Devotees can choose the time to perform this ceremony. Padi- kattu "Abishegam"

This is a ceremony of "Abishegam" to the Lord. Devotees can choose which deity to offer this prayer to. The timing of this prayer is fixed and cannot be changed.

Different types of prasadam are available at RM 25.00 each. Please contact the Devasthanam office.
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