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Special prayers

Special prayers can be performed for many reasons, such as the betterment of the world, protection of family welfare, prosperity of business, recovery from illness, blessings for a child’s progress and many more. Devotees can choose one or more of the following for his or her prayer.


Blessed Devotees, please take note that effective from Friday 27th January 2017. There will be a GHO Pooja or Pooja for the sacred Cow, every 3rd Friday of the Month.


It is said in the Vedas that all Gods, Goddees, Including the Trinity has their abode in the Cow. There is around 36 divine beings who have taken abode in the body of the Cow, so its is a sin to harm it and must be treated with reverence. It is very auspicious to worship and perform Cow Pooja on Fridays.


GHO POOJA and LAKSHMI POOJA helps to remove poverty, gives a person good health, wealth and comfort, child for childless couple, helps to repay debts and gives strength to overcome enemies and helps overcome you karma.

KAMADENU or COW helps in elevating the sins committed for our ancestors.

In the SrimadBhagavatam, Lord Krishna states that worshipping Cow is equal to worshipping HIM.

GHO POOJA is a ritual of worshipping GOMATHA or Cow who is the Mother of all.

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